"Una stupita fatticita" (Massimo Canevacci Ribeiro)
Feticismi visuali tra corpi e metropoli


2007年6月、ローマ大学教授マッシモ・カネヴァッチ=リベイロさんが『しびれるような事実性(イタリア語の原題はUna stupita fattita、カネヴァッチさん自身による英訳タイトルはAn Astonished Facticity)』という本を出版し、そのなかでリルケ、ベルメールとならんで、四谷シモンを大きくとりあげています(本の表紙も四谷シモンの少女の人形をつかっています)。

Massimo Canevacci Ribeiro, a professor of cultural anthropology of University of Rome, published "Una stupita fatticita (An astonished facticity )" from Costa & Nolan, Italy (June 2007)
Below is the concept and contents of "An astonished facticity" by Canevacci Ribeiro.


An Astonished Facticity
ethnography on visual fetishisms

Massimo Canevacci Ribeiro


This book results from an empirical research on the actual mutant fetishism embodied into bodyscape and location throughout specific micro attractors. My statement is that the proliferations of new forms of visual fetishisms characterize more and more the contemporary communicational metropolis. Instead of from society, now those visual fetishisms spread out from culture, consumption and communication. The micrological ethnographic excursus approaches multi-language paragraphs as in the one on bodyscape (visus : skin : feitico : eros : bambole : sandmann) and in the one on location (from an Italian architect as Libera to a Dutch  one as Spuybroek and to industrial music).


Visual fetishism is the key-concept through which I approach some features of the traditional meaning of fetish; a meaning connected to those colonial, Marxist and Freudian visions. Then, I look at “it” as radically transformed along the flux of contemporary communication,  in order to apply “it” to Art, Advertising, Design, Music, Architecture, Fashion, Performance, Web etc. From this perspective, my research focuses on the relationship inside eyes and sex-eros-porno: the eroptica (an eros and glance mix), the Rainer M. Rilke’s illusive puppe (Schein-fruchte), the Hans Bellmer’s perverse dolls as well as the Simon Yotsuya’s astonished ones.


The title, Staunende Factizitat, is related to an Adorno’s basic concept through which he criticizes the method of his friend Walter Benjamin. On the contrary, the same Benjamin inverses Adorno’s critics claiming the facticities  (i.e. the fragmented and mobile constellation of objects-things-commodities) as the centre of his immanent critics, observed and melted through his astonished glance. Benjamin assumes his method beyond any mediation of synthetic dialectics: his interpretation is at the same time the destruction of reification. So, my Astonished Facticity is a relaboration of such an anticipative discussion. It is an adaptation towards fragmented and floating multiplicities related to “fetishised” bodies, skins, faces, shadows, masks, dolls (bio-doll), mummies, automatons within the connected communicational metropolis interzone and contemporary visual fetishisms.


At the same time,  the book tries to liberate characteristics of a new fetishism that may develop different perspectives: a practice beyond dualism (organic-inorganic) and beyond universalism (religion and politics); towards new metamorphosis in which a “thing” has its/her/his own subjectivity and where it is not condemned to only be useful; a practice for an immanent vision of the “sacred”, connected to a progressive mimesis; and finally towards a fetishism of the avatar that experiences the Subject (multi-vidual) potential multiplicity. In conclusion, the aim of my book is to focus, interpret and melt the new visual fetishisms, using the polyphonic and hybrid intertextual composition of different styles of writings, soundscape, icons and images. The method is the montage.




Chap. 1

bodyscape - location                                                

                 1. bodyscape

                 2. location

                 3. dress-code

                 4. attractors


Chap 2

visual fetishisms                                                                                         

- a) visus                                           

            a.1. Man Ray: visus ‘n maska

                a.2. Jean Paul Gautier : double shadows

                a.3. an autonomous fetish

                a.4. an immacolate fetish


- b) skin                  

            b.1. double odd

                b.2. rebus

                b.3. trans-piercing

                b.4. cutting


- c) feitico

            c.1. The fetish of the fetishism

                c.2. bar-code

                c.3. “borchiedentate”: dental-stud

                c.4. fetichic

                c.5. S/M


- d) eros

             d.1.   histoire d’Ooo..

                 d.2.   body-mod


- e) bambole

            e.1. Zip like a throat-

                e.2. knotting fetish

                e.3. fetish head

                e.4. from mummies to dolls


- f) sandmann

             f.1. ethnografy-coreography

                 f.2. the playing dolls

                 f.3. seducing fetishism


- g) interstices

            g.1. dissonant Libera

                g.2. gazometri liberated

                g.3. D-tower

                g.4. White Experience

                g.5. moulding concret

            g.6. industrial interzone

            g.7. Maga-Mas


Chap 3


- a) Illusive fruits of soul-dolls: Rilke                                

          1. doll-fetish

          2.  Schein-fruchte

          3. Puppe-Seele

          4. Ding-Seele


- b) Angular eye socket: Hans Bellmer

         5. body-corpse

           6. beyond Plato


 - C) Tokyo-in-body: Yotuya Simon



Chap 4


          1. “farsi occhio”: becoming eye

             2. hypothesis

                3. excursus

                               - Fetishism and colonialism 

                               - Fetishism and Marx 

                               - Fetishism and Freud 

                               - Fetishism and  visual

                4. on method

                5. porno-fetish

                6. EROPTICA

                    - for an odd glance

                    - eyesfull-body



Chap 5

Astonished Facticity            

                 0. Mxz:     01.12.06

                 1. Teddie: 10.11.38

                 2. Walter:  09.12.38

                 3  A German interlude

                 4. MxxM:  20.05.03

                 5. 010101010101010101010101010101010101010101793

                 6. The Passagen as an “antro”

                 7. Portbou

                 0. MCR:   01.04.06



Meta-fetishim. A final note  out of  the concept

カネヴァッチ氏による2006年の『砂男』公演 "Sandmann" by Canevacci, 2006

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